Chilango, London City

The other day I met an investor friend for lunch. It was pouring rain, so I took the train to Liverpool Street… then realised that I should have gotten off at Bank. Great. Showing up a bit late, we decided that we only had time for a quite bite, and Matt took me to Chilango.

Chilango looks like any other lunch nook in London, though, actually, maybe a bit brighter, with its colourful walls. The concept is simple (and quite like Chipotle), choose your base (taco, burrito, salad), protein, and toppings.

photo 1


I got a shrimp burrito with rice, black beans, lettuce, cheese and a basil crema sauce.

photo 2Yum, check that out.



5 thoughts on “Chilango, London City

  1. If you’re going to post about a meal you’ve had, I see little point to it unless you’re going to remark upon the quality of food and your enjoyment of it – something clearly lacking here (and some other posts of yours).

    Without it, why bother? I mean, forgive me but fascinating though it is that you know such high falutin’ people like “Matt” who are “investors”, it means diddly squat to the rest of us.

    Apart from that, great post!

    I feel an unsubscribe coming on…

    • Anthony, thanks so much for taking the time to write to me, I’m so glad that you’ve been following my blog! I’m currently in the US traveling, so stayed tuned, I’ll have many more interesting posts to share with you soon!!

  2. Wow thanks for such a great reply! Tabasco has nothing on you with such spice and zing on display!

    Terrific, can’t wait! Next time why not let’s have some more detail about your companion “Lucy” or “Greg” and your shared knowledge and experiencr of bonds, stocks and FTSE prices!

    And maybe consider a name change to the blog – Alwaystimeformundanity has a nice authentic ring to it!!

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