Gilbert’s on Main, Bellevue, Washington

The next day after San Francisco, I headed up to the Seattle area for meetings. Having woken up super early, I was ready for lunch around 11am once I had finished two meetings.

The town of Bellevue is a suburb of Seattle, across the bridge, but has become more of its own center recently. It was described to me as Tesla-heavy. Which I guess means that people can afford them.

The main street downtown (called Main Street) is quite quaint, with no chain stores of any kind. As I walked out of my meeting, I spotted Gilbert’s deli, which had a huge sign outside saying “matzo ball soup.” Now, here’s the thing. I love chicken soup more than most people, but what I really miss and haven’t found since I’ve left NY is matzo ball soup. And as the weather was cooling off, I jumped at the idea of having some at Gilbert’s.

photo 1


What you can’t see in this picture is how large the soup is – the matzo ball was probably the size of my fist (in the end, I was matzo’ed out and only able to eat half of it) and the bowl was huge. But I made a very good effort on it! Sitting outside on the almost-chilly terrace with my warm soup, I was in heaven!



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