Anthony’s Pier 66 & Bell Street Diner, Seattle, Washington

Later in the afternoon, as I only had some broth and half a matzo ball, I started to get peckish again. I was down on the water near the docks walking around, enjoying the views (check them out below, check out that fog… gorgeous, no?) so I had my pick of seafood restaurants.

photo 2 photo 3I ended up in Anthony’s, a seafood restaurant with a huge menu. I sat down at the bar and checked out the appetizers. And the view of the docks again…

photo 4

The menu also had a number of really good-looking main dishes (with all sorts of fish and seafood combinations) but I wasn’t hungry enough for those, so I ended up getting the crab cakes with the hollandaise and chili sauces on the side. Unfortunately, they didn’t exactly come on the side…

photo 5The crab cakes themselves were really good, lots of fresh crab and not much else (very different from an English crab cake, which is typically 70% potato and 30% crab). But unfortunately, they were soggy underneath, and soaked up the sweet chili (not my favourite) and hollandaise (better) sauces. Oh well, I enjoyed the majority of each cake, and the snack definitely satisfied my hunger!

At the airport and heading back to San Francisco, I had the most gorgeous view of Mount Rainier… Imagine having that looming in your background every day!

photo (1)




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