Raw-volution, Santa Monica, California

My Sunday in LA, after another morning run on the beach, then back to Main Street for lunch. I had walked past Raw-volution a few times in the past few days so decided to sit outside and try out something on their menu. This is the first of three times I went there within three days. New favourite place.

The cafe serves a slew of raw food, and its all delicious. I got the breakfast burrito, which was served with a side of sliced strawberries… cute. The wrap itself contained lettuce, a pico de gallo sauce, and a fake “egg” that sort of tastes like the hummus that I’m obsessed with from Rainforest Creations in Duke of York Square.

photo 5 (2)

And… this wrap was delicious. Hence me coming back Monday and Tuesday mornings before work. Crunchy because of the lettuce, creamy because of the fake egg, and a little tangy from the pico de gallo. I was in heaven.

No, seriously. I went home and bought their cooking book. I leaf through it a few times a week. Probably won’t actually make any of the recipes, but it reminds me of the sunshine, good food and Santa Monica in general. Sigh…



2 thoughts on “Raw-volution, Santa Monica, California

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