Celebrity Bakery and Cafe, Dallas, Texas

The following day in Dallas was one of those days where I was driving around and running to meetings all day… with half an hour to both find a place to eat and eat. I stumbled on a VERY nice shopping center next to one of my meetings, and the Celebrity Bakery was the only place to eat apart from Starbucks. Done.

The bakery had a long list of salads, sandwiches and main dishes to serve, as well as main dishes, packaged, that you could take home for dinner. Great idea. And a cute sitting area upstairs and outside on the terrace.

I ordered the cubano sandwich, as I hadn’t had one in ages, and it sounded pretty good. It was. Eaten in about 5 minutes (more because of the time I had than the taste, but it was a good cubano).

photo 3

That said, if a cubano isn’t your thing, an elderly woman behind me had ordered the chicken salad with a cup of fruit on the side once a week for ages and loved it, so that sounds like a good one to try!


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