Kate Zaharra, Bilbao, Spain

Our last day in the wine country… we went to two more wineries in the morning and went directly to tastings instead of taking the whole tour. Then we headed back to Bilbao, with a quick stop at the Guggenheim Bilbao to revel in the building (so soon after having appreciated the Marques de Riscal structure… two Gehry buildings in three days, not bad!)

Then, on to the restaurant before our flight. It was almost 30 degrees on Monday (almost in the 80’s for you guys who prefer fahrenheit) and we arrived at the restaurant with the terrace set up and ready to go. Nice view, huh? That’s Bilbao down below…

photo 1(8)


We started the meal off down in the wine cellar with a little jamon, then came back up to the terrace and ordered a few things to start.. first of all, you guessed it, croquettas! These were as good as the previous days’ (if not as pretty)

photo 4(7)

And some very fresh gambas al ajillo. These were so good, I wanted to just keep sucking on the shells… not overcooked and very light.photo 5(9)

We also had some Basque cod cheeks, kokotxas, but this time served in a pil pil sauce (think a thick garlic sauce)… perfect to then sop up with our extra bread! I got over-excited and forgot to take a picture of these…

Then, for the main course, we shared a seabass. It was huge.

photo 2(10)

photo 3(8)

This was my portion. After all of my other food, I wasn’t able to finish it by myself, but luckily I had a few other people that were still hungry sitting around me.

Then, dessert, of course. Everyone else got an ice-cream, while I got the cheese cake. Which was not as good as the previous ones we’d had over the course of the weekend… but good enough to finish half the dish 🙂

photo 5(10)

photo 4(8)

Then, sadly, it was off to the airport. And back to chilly London. What a great weekend of food, friends and fun!

Happy Halloween everyone xx

photo 2(1)


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