Aguelo 013, Barcelona, Spain

I was in Barcelona for a wedding the last weekend in September. I hadn’t been to Barcelona for a few years, and the last time I was there, had been at a conference for work (and therefore didn’t get to go out into the city as much). This time, apart from drinks the Friday night and the wedding Saturday afternoon, I had tons of time to explore.

For lunch the first day, I found a restaurant/bar near my hotel that served fresh, simple foods… or a burger or paella, if you wanted one!

photo 5


I started with some pan de cocoa… the typical Catalan bread with garlic and tomatoes. But, this was served as I’d never seen it before, with all ingredients still intact (instead of the garlic and tomato already being pulverized and on the bread!) So, I did it myself. I cut the garlic and rubbed it on the bread (nicely warmed and toasted), then cut the tomatoes and rubbed them on… it was a bit of a bastardized version, but tasted the same… maybe better for the effort!

Check out the “ingredients” at the top of the below picture… not much to work with, right?

Afterwards, I had a number of tapas.. grilled asparagus with a romanesco sauce

photo 4Then padron peppers… These were great, perfectly charred and salted

photo 2 (1)And finally, my favourite, pulpo al gallego… mmmm, look at that. Perfect.

photo 3A good place for a light and refreshing meal before I went to get ready for the wedding!




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