One Flew South, Atlanta airport

Heading back to the airport and back to London, I found that my flight was delayed and I had some time to kill… and knew exactly what to do. A few years ago, I had lunch in the Atlanta airport, at a place called One Flew South, and had a chicken soup that I have been dreaming about ever since. I’ve tried recreating it at home (almost there) and have dreamed of the day that I’d have time to come back and try it again. So today was the day.

I didn’t even have a whole meal (I figured that I’d eat on the plane), just the soup. And how was it? Just ok.

photo 1(1)


This looks like a soup that you could have in any Chinese restaurant… the bowl was about half the size that it had been a few years ago, and it was mostly cabbage. The soup is a regular chicken soup, served with soba noodles and cabbage, in a soup base that has a gingery, soy taste to it. Last time, the pieces of chicken still had a bit of skin on them, and the skin was perfectly crisped. And the soup had a hint of soy and ginger. This time, the pieces of chicken had no skin (much less crispy skin) and the soup was very salty… overly so. What a disappointment! I guess it’s hard to go back!


One thought on “One Flew South, Atlanta airport

  1. Ling & Louie’s Asian Bar and Grill, Terminal A, Dallas Fort Worth Airport, – alwaystimeforlunch

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