Yoshino, Mayfair

Monday night, I had drinks with some clients, and we were talking about good lunch places. The ones hat kept coming up were Meat Liquor (which I still haven’t been to!) and Yoshino. I had never heard of Yoshino, and they told me that you can either eat in, there’s a huge amount of food that you can take out for lunch – at very cheap prices.

I headed over to Yoshino, which is just north of Piccadilly, and walked in to a huge selection of sushi, sashimi and edamame. Not bad.

photo 3(1)I came out with three selections, the tempura calamari maki (really good, it was actually all the little legs that they had tempura’ed and gave the maki roll a good consistency), the salmon avocado roll (good, except for the leaf of lettuce that they added inside, which was a bit wilted), and three pieces of nigiri sushi (tuna, salmon, and squid). All very fresh. And £5.60 for the ensemble. Wow. I will definitely be back… at least once a week!

photo 4(1)


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