The Vietnamese Restaurant, Chinatown, London

The other day, I met a friend for lunch in Chinatown. I was a bit hungover, so we decided that a bowl of soup noodles was in order. And swung into the Vietnamese Restaurant. Yes. That’s really what it’s called.

And the food was good, not great. I got the spring rolls and the pho, as usual. The spring rolls were ok, but a bit over fried and didn’t have any vermicelli inside, just the ground pork. That said, even after they had cooled down and congealed, they still tasted good. Which is quite a feat. I’m not going to try thinking what was in them.

photo 2(1)

Then, the pho. I got the mix of beef and beef balls… both were good, and there was a good amount of each in the bowl. But the broth was just ok, I didn’t find it flavourful enough. It seemed kind of boring once the noodles and beef were eatten. Maybe it was my fault and I hadn’t soaked the chili and herbs in the broth for long enough, but I don’t think that was it… oh well. Still a fine lunch for popping into a random place quickly for a bite.

photo 1(1)


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