China Pearl, Boston

My first night in Boston, my friend Jamie came up overnight to hang out. We were both craving Chinese food. A friend of ours sent us a list of the best dim sum, lobster noodle and hot pot restaurants in Chinatown. So, off we went.

We walked around, checking out most of the restaurants, and finally settled on China Pearl, which is best known for its dim sum. Up the stairs and into…

photo 3Lots of pink

photo 4And we ordered quite a spread…

We started with some pea shoot green stalks

photo 1 (2)Some chow fun with shrimp (which I ate about half of)

photo 2 (1)

And some crab rangoon. I had never had crab rangoon, and was expecting a full crab in some kind of sauce, but actually, its these little fried dumplings stuffed with a flavoured cream cheese. It was just ok at best.

photo 5And finally, after a very long wait.. our dim sum. We had ordered it first and assumed that it would come out first (since it typically does!) but it came long after the rest of our food… After a while, we stopped eating so that we’d have room for the dim sum.

photo 4 (1)Turnip cake, har gau shrimp dumplings, and bean curd skin stuffed with vegetables. All were good but not great, they were each slightly off. The turnip cake had a slight fishy taste to it, and we couldn’t decide if it had been sauteed in fish oil? The har gau were ok but the dough was a bit too thick… and the vegetables inside the tofu skin had no flavour. Oh well.

See Jamie clutching her stomach? We ate a lot. Then waddled home. Quite happy.



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