Terroirs, Covent Garden

I used to go to Terroirs quite often with my old job, however, now that I’m a bit farther away, I miss it! I met up with my old colleague, Jean-Hugues, today, and we tried the new summer menu that they are currently serving.

To start, we each ordered a glass of wine, I had a glass of Macon and he had the Saint Veran… check out the Saint Veran’s dark and smoky colour on the left!

photo 1(1)Then, we ordered some saucisson to pick at while our food was being made… this particular one has a great bite and isn’t too soft.

photo 2(2)

For a starter, we each had the fried purple artichoke with bottarga and lemon. It was delicious. Perfectly, not too, fried with a slightly fishy taste from the bottarga, the lemon was a great compliment sprinkled on top.

photo 3(1)And finally, the boudin noir with beans, greens and potatoes. The boudin was delicious (look at it glisten), and the rest was cooked in a light butter… I really dislike small, cooked potatoes, but these were perfectly done. Also with a little butter and salt. What a delicious lunch!

photo 4Thanks, Jean-Hugues, it was a pleasure to catch up over such a good lunch – and everyone, rush to Terroirs before they change the menu again!


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