Bilbao Berria, St James

Friday, I met my friend Leigh at a restaurant that just opened last night. Bilbao Berria has five branches open in various Spanish cities, and is making a try here in London! On the ground floor, there’s a pintxos bar where you can choose your own tapas at the counter. Downstairs, there’s a restaurant.

We decided to sit upstairs and snack on the pintxos. You pick up a plate, then take your pick! Each one has a skewer in it, you place these in a cup at the end of your meal, and they’re counted, to tally up how much you owe. Oh, and there’s a huge selection of jamons as well…

photo 1(3)

I went for several different bits and pieces, a piquillo pepper stuffed with tuna, a padron pepper and jamon mix, a hoam croquette (huge and deliciously creamy), and a tuna/cornichon/olive skewer. All very 2(2)As it was the first day of lunch, there were a few extra goodies for us… they brought by a warm pintxo with beef, a red pepper and blue cheese, and a small dish of paella – both very good! photo 3(3)

Dessert was less exciting – small glasses of different coloured mousses and custards… but there was finally a small flan that Leigh ordered. Not the best part of the meal, but a sweet ending.

Bilbao Berria will definitely become part of my local lunch rotation!


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