Cay Tre, Soho

Today, I went to lunch with my old colleagues, Rich and Lama. We’re all on a noodle bend at the moment, so we decided to try the Fat Noodle Club menu currently being served at Cay Tre.

There was a £10 lunch menu that served… oh, my favourite Vietnamese combo ever. Spring rolls then pho. Yum.

photo 4(1)I got the crab, pork and mushroom spring rolls, then the beef pho. The rolls were amazing, less fried than ones at Com Viet, but the pho is definitely better at Com Viet, more fragrant and flavourful!

photo 5(2)So now we’re all back at our offices and I’ve realised… they overcharged us for lunch! Wtf! That’s what we get for not checking the bill properly.

What is the amount you can be overcharged so that it’s not worth going back and getting a refund… £10? (or about £3 each)? £20? Grrrrr.



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