Nikki Beach, Marrakech

For the first bank holiday weekend in May, I headed to Marrakech with some friends – a few were the ones that I’d gone with last year, and we had a few new friends in town as well!

The first day, we went to Nikki Beach – we had decided, given what a big day Nikki Beach ends up being, it’s best to go there the first day, then spend the rest of the weekend relaxing.

And it didn’t disappoint. As we walked in, there were magnums and jerobaums of rose everywhere… and then the music started.

Lunch was delicious, fresh and light. We shared a number of appetizers to start:

photo 1(1)

Very fresh tomato and mozzarella (look at that runny mozzarella), the artichoke, the smoked salmon carpaccio, the crab avocado and the mixed salad. The salmon carpaccio was the least exciting… not very flavourful and a bit fishy tasting, and the true winners were the tomato and mozzarella

photo 5(1)the crab avocado

photo 3(1)and the mixed salad

photo 4For the main course, I had the sole. And it was delicious. Perfectly pan fried and cooked, with no need for butter, almonds, or any of it.

photo 2(1)Another great afternoon at Nikki Beach!



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