The Bottlerey, Earls Court

There’s a new wine bar/restaurant on Earls Court Road… given the lack of fun options in the area, this is quite exciting!

Entering the restaurant, I was right away struck with how much it felt like a restaurant and how little it felt like a wine bar… there is a bar in the corner, but it feels much more like an afterthought than a main part of the place.

So we sat at a table, just wanting a glass of wine, and were (of course, we’re sitting at a dinner table) bombarded with questions about what food we wanted to order. What? No main dishes? Only appetizers to start?

Right. So that’s what we ordered. We got the charcuterie plate, which had salami, salted beef and proscuitto, along with a nice chunk of mozzarella and hummus on the side. It was fine.

photo 1

Then, we had the scallops and shrimp with bacon – this was made in a chili garlic sauce, and was delicious, along with the bread that we ordered on the side – when we were done with this, there wasn’t a drop of oil left on the 2

Our sopping up bread and some olives. photo 3The place had a good selection of wines, which you could get in small  or large glasses, a carafe, or a bottle. There was nothing impressive about this restaurant, the food was fine and the atmosphere was… also fine. But it’s “good enough” for a local place in Earls Court, so I will be back!


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