Zenkichi, Williamsburg, New York

Dinner w Heather and bro… we went to Zenkichi, which looks like a secret samurai lair… the restaurant is built on a few different stories, in dark wood, and each booth/table is hidden by a curtain, so that you can have a completely private meal, while just being able to peer into other peoples’ booths.

And then, we ordered a feast. We started with the duck salad, which was made up of green leaves, simmered duck, a sweet dressing and a soft egg… which is served on the side and you are supposed to mix into the salad. Delicious.

photo 4Alongside this, we had the maguro tuna sashimi with a green yuzu pepper sauce. Also very good, but the flavours weren’t as strong or impressive as the duck salad. Even though it was also good, this was probably my least favourite.

photo 5(1)After this, we had the fillet mignon.. which was SO good, sliced delicately and cooked (rare) to perfection. The radish underneath lightened up the dish, as did the thin strips of meat.

photo 1(1)Then, the grilled Saikyo black cod with a Kyoto miso marinade (Edouard and Heather both said it was delicious… so we ordered two portions, meaning we had 4 pieces in total)… and it was perfect. Cooked enough, but not enough to be flaky. With enough flavour, but not too marinated. Yum.

photo 2(1)And finally? My favourite… the spicy cod row rice ball. Simple, but SO good. Maybe it was just the unexpected taste, but this was definitely the best. They were very generous with the amount of cod roe on the rice, and the rice itself was perfectly sticky… I wanted to just keep eating more and more of this (but sadly had to share). I have since gone out and searched for this in London (and I just got back yesterday. By the way, you can find it at Shoryu, the ramen joint, though it’s not as delicious as it is at Zenkichi…)

photo 3(1)Overall? Everything was very fresh and light. Nothing was overcooked, nothing was over-flavoured. I loved this place.


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