Dirck the Norseman, Greenpoint, New York

Memorial Day Monday, we walked over to Greenpoint for brunch. Heather had been to Dirck the Norseman recently and loved it. The location is large and airy, and on nice days, they open the garage doors and you’re basically sitting on a terrace.

photo 5(2)We shared a few group dishes and got our own… the latkes here are amazing, served with a chived sour cream – perfectly crispy.

photoAnd the sausage. Big chunks. The sausage had a slight merguez taste to it… I wonder if it was actually lamb sausage? Didn’t say so, but yum.

photo 1(2)Then, I got the whitefish salad on brioche with a poached egg… which was also very good. The salad, which looks a bit limp in the picture, was also great. A great, light dressing. The whitefish salad wasn’t too mayonnaisey and had a good, fishy taste. With the thick, brioche toast and the egg, it was amazing.

photo 3(2)Everyone else had pretty different brunches – Heather had soft scrambled eggs with chives, Edouard had the eggs shakshuka (with tomato sauce) and Sapna had the bacon and avocado eggs benedict. All were delicious. Definitely one to add to the local brunch roster in Brooklyn!

photo(1)And… check out the cool new water bowl that Murray has… you can fold it up in your pocket and unfold when your dog is hungry… and it’s got preppy stripes to match all of your summer finest! Thanks for the gift to Murray, mom!


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