Ping Pong, Marylebone

The other day, I was craving dumplings for lunch… and where’s one of the easiest places to go get them? Ping Pong. The same dimsum every time, you know exactly what you’re getting.

That said… I can’t remember what this one was! It had prawn inside… and maybe scallop as well? with green onion and glutinous rice on top. Good, but not amazing.

photo 1

The coriander and king prawn dumplings… as good as ever!photo 2The black prawn dumplings, a squid ink pastry with king prawn and garlic inside… glutinous and delicious!

photo 3The shanghai pork noodles were just ok, not very flavourful… they were on the seasonal menu… note to self, don’t have these again when they pop up on the menu again!photo 4The chaozhou vegetable and peanut dumplings were a delicious seasonal dish… if I had had more room, I would have ordered another batch of these!photo 5(1)Always a good fall-back restaurant when you want some dimsum…


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