Cecconi’s, Mayfair

Another lunch with Sapna before she departed… we arrived off the plane from Tallinn and headed straight to Cecconi’s!

For those of you that don’t know it, Cecconi’s is based in Mayfair, in the middle of a very civilised-looking business district in London, and is always packed full of people having meetings, glamorous people that don’t work, and the occasional tourist that has somehow found their way. I’ve always liked Cecconi’s for power breakfasts, but their daytime food is also quite good and warrants a try.

We met Sapna’s friend Lauren from business school, who also lives in London, planning on a little lunch… and ended up staying for a four hour feast!

We started with an assortment of appetizers to share, the aubergine parmigiana was well cooked, with cheese and tomato, but not overly mushy


From the top, clockwise, the meatballs were very moist, the baby fried mozzarella balls were ok… but a bit cold, and therefore, the cheese had partially congealed… and the white asparagus with spicy sausage (yes, they tossed in some green asparagus and boiled egg too) was delicious. image

This was the rest of Lauren’s beef carpaccio… we showed up almost half an hour late to the restaurant, so she started without us… and we proceeded to scarf down the last bit that she hadn’t eaten when we arrived, ravenous beasts that we were (to be fair, it was almost 3pm!)imageFinally, as a main course, I had the papardelle with rabbit ragout and olives. It was a huge dish, with a generous serving of pasta, and I ate all of it. Perfect to soak up the (very few) bottles of rose that accompanied the meal. What a fun, long lunch!image


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