The Carpenter’s Arms, Chiswick

Last Sunday, I met my friends Lucy and Damien for lunch. We typically meet, walk for a few hours, then stop for lunch, but this time, we were all famished and wanted to eat first.

Lucy and Damien have recently moved to Chiswick, so I thought that it would be fun to check out their new hood then walk along the river… they brought me to a pub off of St Peter’s Square, that had a large garden and a very friendly waiter that kept bringing their dog, Filou, marrow bones.

imageI got the baked polenta with beans, goat cheese and proscuitto, and wow, it was delicious. The goat cheese was tart and sliced through the rich proscuitto and polenta taste, and the beans below acted as a nice sauce.

After a long while of sitting, we dragged Filou away from his bones and off we went on a walk along the river… A nice day to walk, and many dog friends to stop and sniff… a very relaxed, fun afternoon!


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