Mandarin Kitchen, Queensway

After I got home from India (which I will continue to write about later, I’m taking a little break!), my friend Sapna came to visit me for a week. We spent the long Easter holiday in Estonia (more to come), but I also wanted her to try some of my favourite places in London for lunch.

One that I had been raving about forever was the Mandarin Kitchen. I have definitely been here a few times a year since moving to London, it’s where I go when I need my noodle fix.

The Mandarin Kitchen is located on Queensway, near Bayswater. After Chinatown, it is the best-known area for Chinese food in London. A few of the Chinese restaurants are considered the “best” for certain foods… Four Seasons is reknowned for its roast duck, Royal China (there’s also one in Marylebone) is known for its dimsum, and Mandarin Kitchen is well known for its seafood, and more specifically, its lobster with noodles.

We started with the crispy pancakes… expecting the scallion pancakes, and getting these instead:



They were fine. They had some still crispy vegetables on the inside that complemented the flaky crust. That said, I probably wouldn’t order them again.



Then, the piece de resistance… the lobster cooked with scallions and ginger, served on a bed of noodles that are cooked in the lobster sauce/broth.




Doesn’t Sapna look excited? We ate the whole thing. Well, I ate most of it. And wanted more noodles! (You can actually order an extra serving, we were just trying to not completely stuff ourselves…) Delicious.



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