222 VV (Vegetarian Vegan), Fulham

The other day, I met my friend Lama for lunch. I was excited, because I had just found a vegetarian restaurant nearby that had good reviews and sounded delicious. We trekked over (ok, it was maybe a 15 minute walk from Earls Court) and learned that for lunchtime, the restaurant serves a buffet of hot and cold options, all you can eat, for £7.50. Nice. Or, you can take a container away for £5.50. Brilliant.



There was a good selection of choices, six cold dishes and six hot. Clockwise from the bottom left, there were tomatoes stuffed with lentils, then a salad with spring greens, julienned carrots and beetroot, and a (tasteless) vinaigrette, a kale and avocado salad (heavy on the avocado and sesame oil, and delicious), a vegan coleslaw (also very good, and not too heavy), and, finally, the chickpea curry (amazing spiced flavour). There was also a delicious-looking mushroom stroganoff that I didn’t have the room to try.

This was a great lunch buffet, and such a deal – I’ll definitely be back!


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