Schindler Restaurant, St Anton, Austria

Last weekend, I went skiing in St Anton, Austria, and stayed with a friend who has rented a flat there for the season. I have never been skiing in Austria before… the Austrian Alps are beautiful!

photo (11)

I was looking forward to lots of fondue, as I usually do when I go skiing. But instead, I was in for another treat… schnitzel. Yum. Wiener schnitzel is one of my favourite things (remember how excited I was in Vienna?)

Our first meal was at the Schindler Hotel in town. I was going to have a wiener schnitzel like the other girls, but one of the specials suggested was a wiener bacckreisch mit kartuffel vogerlsalat. What? Right. Basically, it was pork medallions, fried, but lathered with mustard and horseradish before they were breaded and fried. They tasted like wiener schnitzel souped up, with a kick. Add a little lemon juice and you’re ready to go. Delicious.

photo (8)


A little greens on the side and some Gruner Veltlinger rounded the meal out – a hearty first dish before getting on the mountain!

photo (9)


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