Tilleys Bistro, Bath

After coming home from Toulouse, mom and I went to Bath for an overnight trip. I had already visited Bath seven years ago, but only for the day, and had breezed through the city pretty quickly before hopping back onto the train. this time, having two days, we decided to explore the city slowly, stopping in all the shops and turning down every small street. We decided to do the 2pm free walking tour of the city (given twice a day, with excellent tour guides) and found ourselves short of time for a long, sit down lunch. Luckily, we stumbled into Tilleys and found that they that a one course lunch special… Moules frites with a glass of wine. imageThe mussels were large and tasty, perfectly cooked and not at all stringy. The sauce they came with was perfect for dipping copious amounts of bread (all of which I ate, mom is more of a French fries in broth type of girl). A little red wine to warm us up before are long walk outside, braving the elements, and we were ready to go, with time to spare before the tour. imageWhile we didn’t have the time for it that day, Tilleys also had a prix fixe that they serve for lunch and dinner that had many different options (including specials of the day), and everything sounded delicious. I’ll definitely come back the next time I’m in Bath!


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