Bianco Latte, Milano

On the Thursday before the end of my detox, I spoke with my brother who told me that he and his girlfriend would be in Milan that weekend, did I want to join? With so much notice, I could only afford a miles ticket, so joined them on the Sunday morning in Milan for 24 hours.

Heather, my brother’s girlfriend, lived in Milan for a few years before moving back to New York, so we got to see her favourite restaurants and neighbourhoods.

For brunch, she suggested that we try a place called Bianco Latte, which has a gelato section, a bakery, and a small home goods store alongside the restaurant.

The restaurant itself mostly serves salads, pastas and flatbreads. We decided to start with the burrata and mixed vegetables to share between the three of us. The burrata was so creamy and good… The vegetables were all boiled… Not very exciting, but a good, bland accompaniment to the creamy, flavourful burrata.


After this, I ordered the triofe pasta with pesto. For some reason, it also came with a huge block of burrata (not specified on the menu!,)… So… I had more cheese. A whole other ball of burrata on my own. I mixed it with the pesto pasta, making a big, creamy mess… Very good, but a bit heavy after the first bit of cheese. And yes, of course I finished my plate…


Finally, it was dessert time. I was pretty full and decided that id didn’t need anything, but Edouard ordered an ice cream sundae, and all three of us dug in.


Yup, that’s toasted bread, two types of gelato, nuts, and whipped cream and Nutella on the side. Yum. Luckily I had enough room in the dessert pocket of my stomach to enjoy this! Fun time in Milan with these guys, even with all the rain and cold weather… Definitely worth both early morning flights.


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