Grain Store, King’s Cross

Sunday, I met my old colleague, Rebecca, for a catch-up. As she lives in Finchley Road, it’s always a trek for one of us if we meet up on the weekend.

I have been dying to try out the restaurants at King’s Cross, namely, Caravan and Grain Store. We checked out the menu for Grain Store and decided that it was a great idea for brunch.

Once we got there, it was really hard to choose. Grain Store has one of those menus where you want to order everything. There were three breakfast-type options that I would have been happy to have, and another two main lunch options that also sounded good.

Rebecca got the scrambled eggs with pickled cactus, cornbread with tomato relish, and creme fraiche. She said that it was amazing.


I was too busy having my dish to try some of hers… I had the pumpkin hummus, dukkah (yogurt tasting with some seeds and spices mixed in), a poached egg, and freshly-baked flatbread. There was tons of extra oil/spices/hummus to dip the bread into, so we got seconds of the (warm, fluffy) flatbread to wipe this up.

Such a good place. I keep hearing that dinner is even better, and need to make it out there at some point to try!



One thought on “Grain Store, King’s Cross

  1. The Greek Larder, King’s Cross – alwaystimeforlunch

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