Kurobuta Pop-up, Chelsea

Pop-ups are quite rare in Chelsea… they tend to be Soho-based or out in East London. But Kurobuta has set up shop on the Kings Road for two months, before moving to a permanent space next to Marble Arch.

Waiting at the tiny bar, the bartender (Kostas, I think?) made us mini tastes of their favourite cocktail while we stood and waited for our table. Nice and sweet.


We wanted to try a bit of everything, foodwise… I find that every Japanese/Asian menu has yellowtail sashimi on it these days… but it’s almost always quite good. This dish was no different, the yellowtail sashimi with a yuzu/soy sauce and kazami wasabi salsa topping was delicious. The perfect amount of kick and the tangy sauce to counteract the fish.


After this, we had the chicken kushi-yaki – it was tender and succulentIMG_1949

Pumpkin croquettes might be one of my favourite Japanese foods. The Kurobuta version was pretty good, perfectly crunchy on the outside with the soft pumpkin inside, but the pieces were too small!


the tea-smoked lamb with smokey nasu and spicy Korean miso was very tender as well, and perfectly cooked (ie, not too cooked!)


the soft-shell crab tempura roll with kimchee mayo – tasted very familiar but was perfectly made – very good


The meal was overall good. While nothing was extremely exciting or different (which I’m not sure was the point), I really enjoyed the tea-smoked lamb and the yellowtail sashimi.

I’m not sure that I’d rush back in the month before the pop-up leaves Chelsea, but I would definitely go back once it has set up shop in Marble Arch and try a few of the other dishes – and a cocktail or two!


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  1. Kurobuto, Chelsea – alwaystimeforlunch

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