Eight Over Eight, Chelsea

Sunday, I met up with my friend Caroline for lunch. As we’ve both been traveling quite a bit over the summer, we haven’t seen eachother since May – crazy! That’s the thing about meeting up with real friends – no matter how much time has gone by, you are always happy to see them and ready to have a good laugh.

I went down to Caroline’s to see her new flat in Southfields, then came back up to the King’s Road for lunch, as she had some errands to do (and convenient for me).

All of the typical Kings Road brunch places were booked up (Bluebird Cafe, Tom’s Kitchen, Beaufort House), so we decided to head to Eight Over Eight. I’m always up for Asian food, at any hour of the day, so was thrilled.

We proceeded to order a ton of food… and spent a good three hours at the table! To be fair, service was slow and we picked at our food… but watched quite a few other tables come and go!

We started with some salmon sashimi and tuna sushi, then went on with some chili salt squid and prawn and chive dumplings.



The salt and pepper chili squid was pretty unimpressive. It was overly fried and underseasoned. Quite disappointing, as Eight Over Eight typically serves one of the best versions of this dish! The dumplings, sashimi and sushi were great, though.


After this, we had my favourite dish, the duck and watermelon salad. This lived up to expectations and was quite a generous portion, with lots of duck. At this point, we were quite full, but remembered that we had ordered the chicken pad thai. Luckily, they  weren’t rushing our order, so we were able to sit and digest for a while before the massive dish came out.


The pad thai was quite good, perfectly seasoned with lime juice and peanuts, and not too heavy. But we still didn’t make it through the whole dish!

We left the restaurant around 4pm, waddling out and clutching our stomachs. It was a great way to catch up and to spend a gloomy, grey Sunday afternoon.


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