The White Cross, Richmond

Yesterday, I took a long walk with my friends Lucy and Damian (and their dog, Filou!), starting in Hammersmith and walking along the Thames to Richmond.

IMG_1578The day started off pretty nicely, it was warm and mostly blue skies. We walked through mud, got splashed by bikers, and tried our best to keep Filou on the path (instead of in the water and mud). It was great.

IMG_1580At some point, Lucy pointed out the little bits of plastic on the floor… apparently they are the middle parts of cotton buds. People tend to throw them in the toilet, they are flushed into the sewers, and when it rains, because they’re plastic, they float to the top and out, into the river. Nice, huh? Everyone, please stop throwing your plastic into the toilet.

IMG_1581A bit later, the weather started turning darker, and we got caught in a rainstorm. We kept walking until we hit Richmond, then looked for a pub that would take a dog.

We ended up at the White Cross pub. I got the half chicken Sunday roast. Check out all of the different vegetables I got…

IMG_1583Snap peas, petit pois, red cabbage, parsnip puree and carrot puree. The roast chicken was a bit dry… I gave those parts to Filou… but the Yorkshire pudding was perfect. A nice, warm meal under a large parasol in the rain… then home for hot chocolate and marshmallows.


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