Frieze Art Fair, Regent’s Park

Saturday, I went to the Frieze Art Fair with a few friends. Here were a few of my favourite pieces…


fun floor art

IMG_1573from a Capetown-based gallery


This reminded me of Dexter’s blood slides…


looks like a photo but is actually a charcoal drawing


interesting… is he peering in or can she see him too?


psychedelic Korean piece that was made entirely of stitched threads (it apparently sold for £25,00!!)


this felt very Russian to me…

IMG_1548and my favourite, the large, printed receipts of this Mexico City-based gallery

After walking around, we went for lunch at the Hix pop-up at the fair. I got the fish fingers with mushy peas and chips (that all three of us hoovered up) while the two other girls got the fresh salmon salads. My fish fingers were good… for fish fingers. Giuliana actually found a feather in salad… it looked like a pigeon feather. We are still all trying to figure out how it could have gotten in her salad…


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