Terroirs, Covent Garden

This is one of my favourite lunch spots, I can’t believe that I haven’t blogged about it yet! I met a friend here for lunch yesterday – looking back, it wasn’t the best idea, as this friend happens to be pregnant… and Terroirs is all about meats and cheeses. But we made do quite well!


We started off with the Apenzeller cheese, which my friend could eat as it is hard cheese. It had a similar taste to Comte.


After this, we had the langoustines. My lucky friend got one with tons of roe… which I proceeded to eat over bread when she didn’t want to!


The grilled squid with Borlotti beans, tomatoes and shallots was amazing… the broth had a great depth, the squid was perfectly cooked, and the beans gave a good heartiness to the dish.


Grilled vegetables with fresh goat curd – my friend stayed away from the curd and I devoured it…

Typically, I like to have a glass of wine (or share a carafe) but today was not the day  – not only did my lunch mate not want a drink, but I had four meetings to look forward to in the afternoon. The wine list at Terroirs is impressive, and the staff is quite knowledgeable – they have recommended new wines many times, and everytime, I’ve been happy with their suggestions. This is the perfect place for a lunch or dinner of small plates, mostly hearty, and a great glass of wine.

Thank you so much to my generous, thoughtful friend that invited me to lunch after seeing how stressed I was… it was such a treat and I definitely chilled out over the course of the lunch!


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  1. Terroirs, Covent Garden – alwaystimeforlunch

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