Royal China Dim Sum, Baker Street

Saturday morning, I was feeling a bit worse for wear after a long, drawn out dinner at Zafferano the night before. We had been fed dish after dish and the wine flowed as well… the meal was amazing, but I could still feel the wine the next morning!

I called some friends up to see if they wanted to have my favourite hangover meal… dim sum! I met them at Royal China in Marylebone, one of the best-known dim sum restaurants in London… and we only had to wait 20 minutes for a table (they don’t take reservations).

Monisha and Manjot may be my favourite people ever to have order dim sum with… they have the same philosophy about it that I do; order a lot and we’ll get through it. Usually, people under-order and I’m left… not feeling stuffed! Today was different, we ordered a good 6 types of dumplings, salt and pepper squid, Peking duck, soup, cheung fun (the Royal China special – one each with shrimp, beef and pork!), and fried rice. You know what? We finished everything!


This was the second Chinese food meal I had had with Monisha and Manjot this week – we went to Hunan, a tasting menu-only restaurant in Pimlico, earlier in the week. Monisha especially loves her chili sauce, chilis and chili oil. When the waiter came and gave us the below, she instantly asked for seconds… he gave her a dubious look, didn’t bring anything, and five minutes later, when we’d gone through everything on the dish, he had to bring us more. We probably went through four serving of each over the course of the meal.


This is my last weekend in London in my current flat – I’m moving ten minutes down the road and my neighbourhood will change slightly… So I spent most of the afternoon hanging out in Duke of York Square, enjoying the market and people…


IMG_0864[1]Even though it will only be a 10 minute walk away, I’ll miss being in the heart of it!


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