Summer salad at Tutton’s, Covent Garden

Another gorgeous day in London… I met my friend Alice for lunch on another terrace. Usually at Tutton’s, we’ll order a bunch of starters and share. Today, we both wanted a salad… and compromised with a beef carpaccio to start!



The carpaccio was really good, nice and salty from the cheese and with a good dose of olive oil. The beef itself was thinly but not too thinly sliced and had a great taste.



I went for the peach, beetroot, goat cheese, spinach and candied almond salad afterwards. I was worried that it might be too light as a main course, but the peach gave it a heaviness that was just right… especially in the hot weather!

(As a quick note, I have had more than these salads at Tutton’s – I did try a steak the other day – a rib-eye cooked perfectly medium rare with fries – and it was very good. Properly cooked/undercooked and flavourful meat.)


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