Buckingham Palace and another summer salad

As I walked to work today, I hoped that I would see a massive queue when walking past Buckingham Palace… I wanted to catch it for my aunt and cousin, who are having the best time following the new, royal baby… but it must have been too early! (Yes, that’s really Buckingham Palace. I know that it looks rather small and unimpressive through the trees and from the side… one day, I’ll when I have more time, I’ll take a full frontal shot!)IMG_0740[1]

Not the best shot, but you can see the front gates… and more cars than people!

Healthy salad today with spring greens (as they call them here… close to kale), feta, avocado, radish, snap peas, Brazil nuts in balsamic, lemon juice and olive oil vinaigrette. It was a bit of a mish-mash, I added the Brazil nuts when I couldn’t find pine nuts and added snap peas when I couldn’t find asparagus (how did the supermarket not have asparagus in July???)


Also some tuna, but no picture was needed, just imagine some smashed up tinned tuna in a white bowl (got it?)

It’s Wednesday… time for more Bloppo love… thanks, Heather!

photo (13)


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