Weekend – Duke of York Square and Aubaine

This weekend was quite lovely, it was warm out and mostly sunny!

Friday evening, I ate at my friend Alice’s in her garden. It had been a few weeks since she had been in her garden, and she was in awe of the flowers that had sprouted in the meantime… Anyone have an idea of what these are? They apparently didn’t bloom last year…



Sushi dinner and some rosé on the terrace…

Saturday, my friend Giuliana came over and we went for a run in Battersea Park. Afterwards, we grabbed wraps at Rainforest Creations. This is the same place where I usually get a salad box and my beloved hummus – the wraps are also delicious and filling, with lentils, sprout balls (look kind of like falafel), some tomatoes and avocado, and the delicious hummus. We watched the first episode of Game of Thrones and tried to get into it…maybe I need to watch a few more?


Sunday, I met Rebecca for an early lunch at Aubaine in South Kensington. We both showed up about twenty minutes, thinking we’d have a little time to sit with a coffee before the other came…

Aubaine was already quite busy and crowded when we got there!

IMG_0565          IMG_0566

I got the omelette with smoked salmon and horseradish creme fraiche, which was delicious


Rebecca loved her egsgs benedict. Yes, Rebecca always gets eggs benedict when we go to brunch. She especially liked these after doing the cut test:


After a little window shopping, Rebecca left to play tennis and I deliberated going for a run…

IMG_0571What would you have done? I ended up running (and didn’t get caught in the rain),  then made myself a little dessert… as Wimbledon is starting today and it’s strawberry season, I went for strawberries and Greek yogurt (I just can’t get on board with eating strawberries in a pool of cream). IMG_0573


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