M&S and Israel

I have been meaning to try Marks and Spencer’s Modern Asian range since it’s come out (I think about a year ago). Today, for lunch, I picked up the dimsum platter (easily microwaved for 2 minutes). The top row is har gau (steamed shrimp dumplings), the middle is a veggie and chive steamed dumpling, and the bottom row is some kind of fishcake dumpling with loads of basil inside.IMG_0577

I was very impressed – the har gau are usually my favourite dim sum, but the other two kinds where so much more delicious. I think it partially had to do with all the fresh basil and chives that they had, but everything tasted very fresh, and the dumpling dough wasn’t too sticky or hard, it was perfectly steamed. This will definitely be a repeat lunch for me – or an appetizer when I have people over at home!


Along with this, I made a salad that I ate every day when I visited Israel a few years ago: red pepper, cucumber, tomato, and parsley in an olive oil and lemon juice dressing. So crunchy, with fresh ingredients (it’s finally tomato season), this is the tastiest salad ever.


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