Byron Burgers and new things

Today we had Byron as our Friday work lunch. Everyone ate in the big conference room – as you can see, we did quite a good job of getting through all the food!

june 7 3

I had a cheeseburger with Monterey Jack cheese, some zucchini fries, onion rings, and coleslaw. It really hit the spot for a Friday afternoon…

Then I went and ran a few errands. I’ve been having terrible allergies the past few days (along with everyone else in London!) and was complaining to colleagues about it this morning. They told me to go get a nasal spray… and it’s fantastic. This is the first time I’ve ever used one – does everyone else in the world use nasal sprays? How have I missed the boat?

june 7 4

After the pharmacy, I stopped at Top Shop looking for some cheap flats, but found a much better purchase – how cute is this bikini? Yes it has horses running through the surf.

june 7 bikini


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