Miami 2 – Delano Hotel, Yardbird South and Khong River House

Friday, we had lunch at the Delano Hotel pool. I got the veggie wrap, which was light and healthy-ish, with hummus, tomatoes, onion and summac. And those puffy chip things with sour cream and onion. Yumm.

MIA veggie lunch burrito

Saturday, we trekked down to Yardbird South for brunch. This might be my favourite restaurant in South Beach (for a relaxed lunch, anyway). 

MIA yard

The cornbread in a pot with peaches and buttermilk. See the extra buttermilk in the jug that you are meant to pour on the cornbread/buttermilk/peach mixture. Perfectly sweet!

  MIA yard 3

Fried green tomatoes BLT with pimento cheese, thick pork belly bacon and frisee. I got this last time I came here and couldn’t pass it up this time either!

MIA yard 2

Jamie’s bacon… look at how thick it is!

MIA yard 4

And, finally, my shady-looking Bloody Mary with all its accouterments. I already ate the piece of bacon that they served in the drink, and followed up quickly with the okra and cornichon!

On Sunday, we went to Khong River House which is the sister restaurant to Yardbird and just recently opened in South Beach. We went back and forth about having Asian food for brunch, but as Jamie and I could eat Asian food at every meal, we went for it.

MIA kong

Jamie and Sapna shared the pad thai and the GI breakfast, which included Chinese sweet sausage, fried eggs, steamed minced pork, cilantro and a toasted French baguette. Mmmm.

MIA kong 2

I got the chicken curry noodles.

may 7 3

The curry broth was delicious – it had a slight kick to it (nothing too hot) and a general curry laksa flavour to it, which I love. The pieces of chicken were tender and the noodles were of the ramen variety.

The best part of Khong River is the dipping sauces that you get with your meal. As you can see, the GI Breakfast had a chili ketchup on the side – my curry had pickled vegetables and a chili oil on the side.

Two great restaurants that probably having great dinners, but are also worth checking out for a special brunch when you’re in town!


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