Miami – Barton G, the Raleigh and Cecconi’s

I got to the airport Wednesday morning to learn that my flight had been pushed back three hours – there was a flight leaving in between, they put me on standby, assured met that if I was put on the earlier flight, my bag would make it as well, and off I was to Miami. I got there… without my bag. I could either wait an hour and a half and get it around 2:30pm or have it delivered to the hotel around 7pm. So I sucked it up and waited at the airport… there was a CPK so I got what used to be my favourite salad, the Chinese Chicken Salad. It was bland enough that it doesn’t get a picture…

MIA toaster

But then, paradise… Dinner the first night was at Barton G, a hilarious restaurant with very glitzy meals. We shared the lobster pop-tarts (served in a big, plastic toaster, see picture above) then had the pork short-ribs (see below… the pig has a sign saying “Eat Beef” haha) and the mac and cheese.

MIA barton g MIA barton

I was a bit overzealous in deleting photos, but there were also dishes served with large swords (like the swordfish), and amazing desserts like the fried dough that was served on a fair fun game of shoot the ducks (we all tried our neighbor’s game – and fried dough). Delicious, but way too much food!

Thursday lunch was at my favourite place ever, the Raleigh Hotel. It’s so refined and has managed to keep its 1920’s old glamour. Breakfast in the shaded garden area is always a treat. Sapna and I shared the breakfast burrito and the bread basket. And lounged around for about two hours, it was a great, leisurely way to wake up!

MIA raleigh 3

MIA raleigh    MIA raleigh 2

We had dinner at Cecconi’s Thursday – they opened a sister restaurant to the ones in LA and London at the Soho Beach House two years ago. Sapna had the kale and mango salad to start with a special rigatoni with aubergine and burrata as her main – I got the fried calamari to start (a bit too fried) then had the halibut with grilled asparagus and pesto. The atmosphere is so pretty, with indoor trees (well, they open the roof up to make it an outdoor restaurant) and small, white lights. This Cecconi’s has a very different vibe from the one in Mayfair, more summery and relaxed, but still very chic… it’s definitely worth a visit!


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