Cai, Chicago, baseball and beer

Today we started off by having dimsum in Chinatown with several of my brother’s friends from business school. We got to Cai assuming we’d have to wait a white for a table but were seated right away. Looking around, we were one of the only non-Chinese tables… always a good sign!

We ordered about 10 dishes and got quite a spread, from glutinous rice to steamed dumplings, turnip cakes to puffy char siu buns. Everything was good, nothing was amazing. But with a little chili oil and soy sauce, it hit the spot.

photo (20)

After this, we headed to the Whitesox stadium to watch them play the Minnesota Twins. We had great seats but were unfortunately in the shade… and the temperature dropped from 46 degrees all the way to 39 as the afternoon progressed, it was freezing! But we powered through, and I learned some facts and stats about the players that I’ve already forgotten… But it was fun. half of the fun was watching the game and half was watching the people around us, from the kid whose entire face and hands were stained blue from the cotton candy he ate to the loud and rowdy Whitesox fans shouting insults to the Twins. Good time, but unfortunately the Whitesox lost in the 10th inning.

For dinner, we decided to go to a BYO restaurant near my brother’s place in Lincoln Park. We stopped at a large wine superstore to pick up drinks to bring to dinner. There were rows and rows of wine (which I expected) – we ended up with a Pouilly Fume that was very good. What I didn’t expect was so many rows of specialty beers!

photo (22)

I had the most fun picking out beers based on which bottles had the most fun labels… apparently that’s not how it’s done, though. My brother looked at the beer types, the brands, the alcohol content… but I do think that the final cut was partially made by considering the label art!


Check out how many different aisles of beer they had…


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