Moving up in the world

My quality of life has improved significantly in the past two weeks. Two weekends ago, on my way to Italy, I realised that I had forgotten my toothbrush and bought one at the airport. When I took it out of the wrapping, I realised that it was a disposable electric toothbrush.

Over the past few months, I’ve been seeing electric toothbrushes in all of my friends’ bathrooms. But wasn’t convinced. What’s wrong with brushing your own teeth, and how much cleaner do your teeth really feel with an electric one? Well, guys, I’m sold. I love it. So does anyone have suggestions as to which permanent electric toothbrush I should buy?


And yesterday, I finally upgraded my phone. I got an iPhone. Everyone wins. I have a new toy and you guys no longer have to look at pictures I’ve taken with my Blackberry. Here’s my new phone…


Does anyone have any fun apps to suggest? So far, all I’ve downloaded are the Nike app (tracks your runs) and iBooks.

Tonight, I made a healthy dinner of mackerel, samphire and artichoke. And I have a few things to share…

(1) I was trying to figure out what to dress the mackerel with, and instantly thought of making a gremolata (which uses parsley, garlic, olive oil and lemon zest). But walking home, I realised that I didn’t have any parsley and the shops were already closed. I ended up using some fresh basil that I had in the fridge (like how I tossed that out casually? I almost never have fresh herbs lying around) instead of the parsley, and it was just as good. I think that the lemon actually overpowered the basil and gave the gremolata the same taste as the parsley would have (more or less).

(2) Secondly, Waitrose now sells samphire. Enjoy.

(3) I frequently steam artichokes but couldn’t remember how long to do so, so googled steamed artichokes. A certain recipe suggested adding a bay leaf, slice of lemon and garlic clove to the water, and it added a nice subtle taste to the artichoke.

photo (17)


2 thoughts on “Moving up in the world

  1. I just changed from manual to electric toothbrush for a month. Before I think the electric is too expensive and gimmick for sell product. After trying, it made me feel different from manual that my teeth are cleaner and not hurt my gum.

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