Thursday Work Lunch – Byron Burgers

It’s a short week this week, and there’s a long weekend is coming up! We get tomorrow and Monday off for the Easter holidays. Therefore, we had our Friday lunch today instead.  We had Byron burgers, which are pretty great… they’re one of the only places in London that won’t cook their burgers to a crisp.

mar 28 2

I got the Byron burger (which includes cheddar cheese and bacon) and stuck some avocado in to make it super healthy… with some zucchini fries and onion rings on the side. Like I said, super healthy.

mar 28

I’m off to Italy tomorrow morning with a friend for a few days in Piedmonte and have been making lunch and dinner reservations on the phone today… it’s been pretty comical, as I don’t speak Italian. I have three phrases that I have translated on Google Translate, and once I’ve finished with those and the person on the other end of the phone keeps talking, there’s nothing I can do about it! I’ll let you know if any of my reservations worked…

So I don’t need this (especially at this price!) but how cool is this belt?? Kind of weird but funnily chic??

skeleton belt 2


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