The Orange, Pimlico

Sunday, I had friends in town that were visiting from Louisville, KY (!) They used to live here, and her job still brings her back to London every six months or so, which gives us a chance to catch up. We decided to go for a Sunday roast, and the Orange truly is the best…

mar 17

John and I were both slightly hungover so went straight for a Bloody Mary. Deby opted for the pork roast (with crackling and Yorkshire pudding) and John and I decided to split a large pizza (with ham, mushrooms, fontina and marscapone).

mar 17 2Deby’s pork looked extra juicy today… perfectly cooked. The pizza was also very good and hit the spot…

mar 17 3After lunch, we decided to walk along the Chelsea Embankment, but as it was raining, quickly veered off and ended up in the National Army Museum on Royal Hospital Road. The museum is free and quite large… there was a whole exhibit dedicated to horses in the army (tying in with the recent release of the movie War Horse) – fascinating, as you never thinking about the animals that fought as well! What I found interesting about the museum was . The museum covered all of British military history from the Middle Ages to modern times and covered all facets of life including military wives and children. The museum is very interactive (games to play, old clothes to try on) and varied. A definite must-visit on a rainy day!


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