Hispania, City of London

After drinking nothing but juices since Sunday, it was great to sit down and have a proper meal today! (and Alex, you can start reading my posts again!)

Today I met a friend for a catch-up lunch at a new restaurant across the street from his office, Hispania. The Spanish restaurant has high ceilings and feels very roomy, a nice change from restaurants in Mayfair and the West End.  There’s a large bar area, and they are expanding onto a first floor upstairs as well.

At the moment, the restaurant is just serving a tapas menu,  but plan on expanding the menu when they’ve been open a bit longer (according to Matt).

We ordered a selection of different tapas, and everything was very good! I thought that the meatballs and salad were especially tasty, but I guess I’m more used to the Spanish hams and cheeses, so these were also the most exotic dishes.

mar 14

mar 14 4

First came the plate of ham and Spanish cheeses… We decided that proper protocol calls for eating the cheese rinds…

These were served with some crackers and pan con tomate.

mar 14 3

mar 14 5

Doesn’t Matt look happy with his glass of wine?

mar 14 2

Finally we had the meatballs which were in some kind of ketchup and cheese sauce, but almost tasted like they were mixed in mashed potatoes… delicious.

mar 14 6And we picked a salad (since we were being healthy!) that didn’t have too many greens and had tons of other cheese/sauce/breadcrumbs on it. Great lunch spot and great company, what more could I have wished for my first lunch back?

P.S. Matt’s originally from the Boston area and gave me some good suggestions for my meals when I’m there next week – I’m looking forward to some good seafood and Italian!


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