Sleepy Sunday… The Only Way is Essex??

Yesterday, I decided to have a very easy day, I ran a few errands, used a Groupon I had bought for the Natural Health Centre on Old Brompton in South Kensington (30 minute back massage, 30 facial and face massage, and a manicure for £32, not bad!) My “last supper” (ok lunch) before my juice detox (read in Monday’s post) which I thought about in detail, was some sushi (tuna avocado roll and crunchy seabass avocado roll) and seaweed salad. Light enough but still good. 

Then, I got sucked in. I know that I’m about 8 seasons late, but have you guys watched The Only Way is Essex? I couldn’t get my hands on the first season, but believe it or not, it was pretty easy to get into the second season quickly. And then I watched 9 episodes. Seriously. These people are amazing. I know that it’s supposed to be over the top, but wow. Between the guy making an entrance riding in on a white horse for his engagement party and all of the fake tan/boob/eyelash conversations (it doesn’t matter how small a bikini top is, it really just has to cover your nipples!), this is amazing. Though funnily enough, I’ve heard it frequently compared to Made in Chelsea, and I can definitely see the similarities!

(ps. No, of course I don’t watch Made in Chelsea. Really.)


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