Salad Monday

In keeping with my healthy streak this weekend, I decided bring in ingredients for a salad today – but needed to pick up cannellini beans at the super market to put it all together. So I started at Sainsbury’s, which is right next to my office. They only had baked beans (have you tried English baked beans? they’re disgusting) and kidney beans. Hmm… next. I then checked Marks and Spencer’s… which only had baked beans. Given that the next closest supermarket was ten minutes away, I decided to give up and have a bean-less salad. It still turned out pretty well (tuna, spinach, and avocado with olive oil and lemon juice):

mar 4


I also brought in some cauliflower and broccoli to dip in the sprouted chickpea hummus that I bought on Saturday at Rainforest Creations:mar 4 hummusJust a quick shout-out to Patty and Neil for a GREAT night last night, it was a blast. But, thanks also for opening that next bottle of wine, for letting me smoke so many cigarettes, for letting me leave late… and for the fantastic hangover I have today. You guys are the best.


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