Duke of York Square, Chelsea

I live near a large square that houses a number of clothing shops, the Saatchi Gallery and Patridge’s. On Saturday’s, there is a big food market in the square, with stands including a chorizo sandwich stand (just like the original in Borough Market), about ten cupcake stands, a fish market (with £1 oysters) and a fresh pasta stand called La Tua Pasta (you can either choose one of the pastas and pestos that they’re serving that day for lunch, or buy packages of pasta to eat later at home – my faves are the black crab tortellini (the crab is so fresh) and the asparagus gnocchi (with small bits of asparagus incorporated to the gnocchi – amazing). And the Rainforest Creations. This Caribbean stand serves all sorts of healthy vegetarian food, slaws, salads, flans and dips. All of the dishes taste very different (some are spicy, some are tangy) and you feel healthy with whatever you choose. Have I raved enough?

I got a Rainforest Box which includes a bunch of salads and a sprout ball:

mar 2Quickly, the salads were:

– tomato and cucumber salad

– quinoa, spinach broccoli and zucchini in a vinaigrette

– beets with pineapple (odd and funnily good mix)

– black lentils with wild rice, sprouts and kale in a cumin sauce

– yellow lentils with red bell pepper and sprouts in a spicy harissa sauce

– white cabbage and carrot slaw

– chickpeas, zucchini and spinach in a tomatoey sauce

– sprout: wild pumpkin, carrot, and kale

After lunch, I headed to my friend’s baby shower… how cute is the top of the cake?

mar 2 baby


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