Japan Centre sushi

I had a meeting in Mayfair this morning, and walking back to the office, walked by The Japan Centre. For those of you that don’t know it, the Japan Centre is a wonderful place, as it is comprised of (1) a Japanese food store (that sells any Japanese food you can imagine – including fresh sushi-grade fish and meat to make your own sushi/hot pots), (2) a Japanese sit-down restaurant and (3) a Japanese take away food spot, which has everything from sushi and sashimi to fresh gzoya, about twenty varieties of noodle soups, and other hot meals.

After spending a good fifteen minutes walking around not really focusing (they sell the crackers I liked growing up! They sell steamer baskets! They have shabu shabu meat! Huh, what’s THAT?!) I decided to get sushi for lunch. As usual, it was very fresh. I had my usual salmon avocado roll and tried a prawn/salmon mayo roll. I had thought that the prawn would be raw, but it was cooked (eh). Otherwise, it was a pretty decent roll.

feb 20 lunch

I also picked up a pack of osembi, rice crackers. I was OBSESSED with these growing up. While my brother usually wanted to snack on something sweet, I always preferred these – they were my daily salt lick. Oh and I had some fruit since I’m being so healthy this week…

feb 20 lunch 2

Unfortuantely, the osembi that I bought have a light layer of sweet shellac on them… so don’t really have the salty taste I was dreaming of. Shame. Next time I’ll try another brand.

And… to finish off, a gratuitous picture of a French bulldog for my mother…


(picture from http://www.dustandrust.com )


One thought on “Japan Centre sushi

  1. Japan Centre favourite, Mayfair – alwaystimeforlunch

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