All Bar One, Covent Garden

I was heading out to drop off some dry cleaning today when my colleague Ria stopped me, telling me our boss was out for a long lunch. Instead of having the lunches we brought to the office, we decided to go out for lunch to All Bar One, a pub/restaurant around the corner from the office.

During lunchtime, I’m usually good (and don’t drink) as I need to go back to the office and be productive, but today is definitely an outlier as I have a quiet afternoon…

I noticed the pad thai on the menu, which I’ve never noticed before – and got it with roast chicken. Ria got the eggs and gammon. I just (re)learned that gammon is essentially thickly-sliced ham.

lunch feb 5

Here was my lunch – the pad thai was good, but a bit saucey… I prefer mine pretty dry – but it otherwise hit the spot. It used vermicelli instead of the thicker rice noodles, and the big thing you see on top is a prawn crisp. Harder and less prawn-y than I’m used to, but still good. The Gavi di Gavi I had on the side was delicious.


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